Plunkett Homes

UX & UI Design
A much needed upgrade, Plunkett sanctioned Rare to re-focus their website to ensure a user friendly and flexible platform for ease of use. Having such a varied audience, user research was imperative.
Original Site Audit
Market Research
UX and UI Design
Responsive Design
QA Testing
Plunkett home page
Built in Wordpress
Live site –
Plunkett Homes has a variety of packages and options a home buyer could want. An intuitive design with clear communication and user flow allowed for an uninterrupted audience engagement. Filters needed to be clear and concise, map and listing views available and ensuring responsive design was paramount.
Providing various view options helped a user decide what journey best suited their requirement. Choosing list or map views and elevation or floorplan views were just a few of these options. Ensuring these options wouldn't clutter any real estate, we had to allow for selective content in view without compromising on any aesthetic.